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MBolzan - Exercises of Pages 413-414-415
by MBolzan - (2020-01-23)
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Es.1 page. 413

  1. Excuse me, could you tell me the time?
  2. “Kelly!!! Stop shouting!!!”, mum said to me.
  3. Laurie told her sister she would get married to Rob as soon as possible.
  4. Morgana is very good at saying people’s fortunes.
  5. “let’s have an ice-cream now! Oliver told us.
  6. “Don’t say yes if you aren’t convinced!” my husband said.
  7. A: The new pub will be a great success! B: Who says so?
  8. We have just told them that they have to make less noise during the day.


Es.2 page. 413

  1. Come on, tell me something about your holiday!
  2. Do you know where Florence is? She said she would get home earlier but she’s not here.
  3. Mum, I just told Timothy to hurry up but he is still having a shower!
  4. Sarah went to the doctor yesterday. He said that she should rest for about 20 days.
  5. If you see India, she tells you everything about her new job. Es. 3 pag.413
  6. E:  Don’t say anything else, Mum… It was a total disaster… the instructor
  7. Why are you standing there without said a single word? What’s happened?
  8. Every time I ask my husband to help me, he tells me he can’t!
  9. Anya wanted to forget what we said some days before.

said that he doesn’t want to see me again!

     M: What did you do to make him say that? I know him well and he’s a very sweet man…

E: Well, he told me to fasten the clutch but I pulled it so hard that I broke it… and then he told me to release the handbrake but it was very hard and I had to use both hands… and I have only got two hands I couldn’t keep them on the steering wheel! Ana the car was in first gear, so the car began to move forward…

M: And what did he say to you? Did he get angry?

E: He didn’t say anything… he was astonished… but the worst still to come… He told me to press gently press down on the handbrake … but it was under so much pressure that I put my left foot on the brake… and I made him bang his head on the windscreen!!!

M: Oh dear… Now I understand why he said that he doesn’t want to see you again…

E: That’s not all… He always told me to look in the rearview mirror… and I did it, but to do so, I didn’t look at the road and...

M: Don’t tell me you had an accident!

E: No, no but we were driving along the ring road and I missed three exits, so we got back to the driving school an hour late!


 Seat belt=cintura di sicurezza

First gear=prima marcia

Ring road=tangenziale

Driving lesson=lezione di guida

Rear view mirror=specchietto retrovisore

Handbrake=freno a mano

Driving school=scuola guida

Steering wheel=volante





Es.4 page. 413

     A: Hi Julie! What about your first driving lesson?

B: Oh..I was very nervous and I made some stupid mistakes.

A: Don’t worry. Everyone makes mistakes at the first lesson. I remember my first lesson, I switched to red at the traffic lights! I was very afraid of that.

B: God, I should think so!

A: Yeah, but... What is your driving instructor like?

B Fortunately he is very understanding, indeed he reassured me every time yesterday.

A: Great! My instructor was very strict!

B: I wouldn't want to be you!

A: I know, oh..My mum has just arrived! See you soon and good luck with the second lesson?

B: Thank you! Bye.

Ese. 1 page. 32

  1. NASA engineers at mission control in Houston.   D
  2. The capsule splashed down in the sea.   E
  3. The launch of Apollo 13.   C
  4. Earth is seen from the moon.   A
  5. Astronauts who were onboard the spacecraft.   B


Es. 2 page. 32

  1. It was flying to the moon.
  2. For the first two days the spacecraft seemed to be in excellent conditions when several hours later, the crew heard a loud explosion.
  3. NASA engineers helped the astronauts solve the problem.
  4. The astronauts spend five days in space, from 13 April to 17 April.


Es. 3 pag.32

Reg Turnill found out there was a problem with Apollo 13 when he was getting ready for bed. B

The workers at mission control were playing to walk on the moon. A

The spacecraft lost most of its fuel very slowly. D

NASA engineers immediately formed a big team to fix the problem.  C

The main problem with boar was very little oxygen and water. A

Where do you think this text is from?  A



Es. 4 page. 32

  1. Small door-hatch
  2. Thought of/produced- came up with
  3. Understand-figure out
  4. Working- on duty
  5. Not be worried anymore- breathe a sigh of relief
  6. Getting less and less-running out
  7. Shout happily-cheer
  8. Doing/taking part in- carrying out


Es.5 pag.32

In 1962, US President JF Kennedy promised to the moon before 1970. It was seven more years before NASA figured out how to do it. In July 1969, when the time was running out, three astronauts carried out the historic mission onboard Apollo 11. American astronaut Neil Armstrong opened the hatch and became the first man to walk on the moon. In Houston engineers who were on duty at mission control breathe a sigh of relief when they saw Armstrong step onto the moon. All over the world, people were watching  TV and they cheer as they heard Armstrong say his famous words: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Armstrong came up with his famous words after landing on the moon.

Es.6 page. 32

  1. Space exploration is very expensive - we should solve problems on earth first such as poverty and starvation.

 I disagree because I think exploration is very important for us and it’s correct spending money on it.

  1. The earth’s population is growing - we will need to live on another planet.

 I think it’s true and it would be very crazy and interesting!

  1. We need space exploration to answer big questions: are we alone? Are there other forms of life out there? 
  2. I agree because I’m very curious about it. I don’t think we’re alone, it’s improbable.


Es. 7 page. 32

going crazy

getting home

following the events

fix a problem

raise your hand.


Es.9 pag.415

  1. “I’m late. Can you come to pick up me in my office?” she told us.
  2. Joan said that she hadn’t liked the film on Julius Caesar because it was very imprecise on historical facts.
  3.  Michela had been talking on the phone for two hours with her boyfriend. He was telling her that their story couldn’t continue and instead she told him she couldn’t live without him.
  4.  I never understand what my father-in-law says because he speaks a dialect I don’t know!
  5. I have the Chinese’s exam the next month. Do you think uncle Luke could help me? Yes. He speaks Chinese very well and he doesn’t work in this period.
  6. Can you tell me the correct hour? I’m sorry, my watch doesn’t work.

7. A)Could I speak to the director? B)He isn’t here, today. What do you have to tell him?

8.A)Why were you talking about me when I came into the class? B)You’re wrong, we weren’t talking about you.