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Enicola - FOCUS NOW 2 Activities pp. 36-37; 39 (listening)
by ENicola - (2020-01-23)
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Pag. 36 es. 1
In pairs, take turns to tell your partner about an important past event. Specify:
• where and when it took place
• your age when it happened
• what you were doing when it happened

This event happened in my house when I was one year old. My parents were decorating my bedroom. My mother sat me on the ground, but as soon as she turned around, I fell forward, banging my forehead on the edge of the bed. They immediately worried and wanted to take me to the hospital, but it was nothing serious, but I got a big bump.

Pag. 36. es. 2
Read the story and choose the best title, A, B or C.
A. The Fireflies
B. How I became interested in Biology
C. Nature’s Inventions are the best

I choose the letter C as the best title.

Pag. 36 es. 3
Complete the WRITING FOCUS with the words in purple in the story.

A story
Set the scene.                                                                                                                                                                       I was only eight years old/It was late in the evening/It was a lovely morning for a walk/I was in the classroom when ...
Use some short dramatic sentences and exclamation marks to show surprise and excitement.                                       I was really worried!/excited!/We were in trouble!/What a surprise!/Just in time to...! I’ll never forget the time/day when I decided/first saw... ... was an event I’ll never forget.
Use adverbs to add interest.                                                                                                                                             All of a sudden/suddenly/really/completely
Use linkers to join parts of sentences.                                                                                                                and/but/so/because my mum wanted ...
Use time linkers to describe a sequence of events.                                                                                                Beginning: First                                                                                                                                                          Middle: When/Then/Later/While/After that/Afterwards                                                                                                           End: Finally/Eventually/In the end

Pag. 36 es. 4
Look at the time linkers and put the sentences in the correct order to make a summary of the story.
• Eventually they decided to go back to the campsite. 3
• While they were walking back, the little boy saw three little stars in the woods. 4
• Then they stopped to look at the stars. 2
• After a while he asked his mother about them. 5
• In the end, it turned out they were fireflies. 6
• First they got to the top of a hill. 1

Pag. 37 es. 5
Complete the story with words from the WRITING FOCUS.
The year was 1969. I was twelve and I was in the classroom. The Science teacher came in. We had a Science test that day and I was getting ready to begin, when all of a sudden the teacher told us to stand up. ‘We are going to the lab’ he said. We were really surprised! Our Science teacher never changed his mind! But he said it was a special day, so we went to the lab. There was a TV set in the lab. The teacher switched it on. Just in a time to see the first man on the moon! When he switched on, astronaut Neil Armstrong was opening the hatch. First, he descended a ladder and he started walking around. After that, astronaut Aldrin joined Armstrong on the surface, and we heard him describe the view with the phrase ‘Magnificent Desolation!’ It was great, but in the end the Science lesson finished and we had to return to our classroom. However, I’m so glad the teacher allowed us to participate in an event I’ll never forget. And, most important, that’s how I became interested in space travel.

Pag. 37 es. 7
Use the questions in Exercise 6 to write a story ending with the sentence.
Last week I had my third grade written exams: English, Maths and Italian. I was at the school gate with my friends. I was very scared, because I was afraid of not making it. But in the end I was happy, I had done a good work...At last it was over and I breathed a sigh of relief!

Pag. 39 es. 7
Listen to six recordings. Choose the correct picture, A, B or C, to answer the questions.
1. When does the Science exam start? – picture A
2. What did Eva give her gran for her birthday? – picture C
3. What was the weather like when the boy’s class went to the beach? – picture A
4. What does the man think is good for Science lessons? – picture C
5. How do the boy and girl plan to travel to the exhibition? – picture B
6. What is the boy going to send his brother? – picture C