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MBaggio - Esercizi pagina 36-37
by MBaggio - (2020-01-26)
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Exercises pag 36-37

Exercise 1

It took place when I was eight years old, me and my family were on holiday in Yellowstone National Park. In the evening it happened, when I was walking with my family.


Exercise 2

B: How I became interested in Biology


Exercise 3

1. I was only eight years old /...

2. I was really worried /...

3.  I will never forget the time/...

4. Suddently/...

5. Because/...

6. First

7. While /...

8. In the end /...


Exercise 4

First they got to the top of a hill

Then they stopped to look at the stars

Eventually they decided to go back to the campsite

While they were walking back, the little boy saw three little stars in the woods

After a while he asked his mother about them

In the end, it turned out they were fireflies


Exercise 5

1. But

2. Sudden

3. Completely

4. So

5. Then

6. When

7. Never forget


Exercise 6

1. In the bus

2. In the morning, before to go to school

3.I was with my friends

4. The weather was cloudy

5. I spent 30 minute in the bus, but upright

6. From my position, I could see all the other studenti sitted

7. There, I could hear a loud confusion

8. I was so tired, my legs were going to brame themself

9. I go to seat on a bench in front of the school

10. My legs relaxed and I was less tired.


Exercise 7

I were in the bus to get to school, it was 7:30. In the bus I was with my friends Paul and George, but only they were sitted, the bus was crowd and I couldn't find a seat. The weather was cloudy. That made me sad like all the students I could see from my position. There was a loud confusion, the students were laughing and screaming. I was so bored there, and tired, I had to wait for 30 minutes, since we arrived to school. Then I run to the bench in front of the school. At last it was over and I breathed a sigh of relief!


Exercise 7 pag 39

1. A

2. C

3. A

4. C

5. B

6. B