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ENicola - Listening and Reading Activity Practice
by ENicola - (2020-02-02)
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Advice for exams (listening B1):
Check your understanding: multiple choice
1. B
2. C
3. A
4. B
5. A
6. B
7. B
8. C

Check your understanding: grouping
1. Photocopy past exam papers.
2. Start by choosing the important things to study.
3. Read your notes again and again.
4. Take regular breaks.

1. Get very comfortable.
2. Eat sugary food while you are studying.
3. Try to learn everything.
4. Focus on the details.

Amazing facts (listening B1):
Check your understanding: multiple choice
1. B
2. A
3. C
4. C
5. C
6. C
7. B
8. A

Check your understanding: gap fill typing
1. Only one tenth of the cells in your body are really you. The rest are bacteria.
2. An experiment found that animals that did not have bacteria died or had to have a special diet.
3. There are seven octillion cells in the human body.
4. Most of the atoms in the human body are just empty space.
5. Without the empty space, you could fit your body inside a box measuring one five hundredth of a centimetre either side.
6. You would be much too small to see.
7. Mites are really small creatures, like insects.
8. They live in eyelashes and eyebrows.
9. Only about fifty per cent of people have mites.
10. Mites eat dead skin.

A conference programme (reading B1):
Task 1
1. False
2. True
3. False
4. True
5. True
6. False

Task 2
1. Being positive and patient will help employees deal with change.
2. Team leaders should consider how they give feedback to motivate their team.
3. Marketing experts say your brand should tell a story.
4. Team members should be encouraged to solve problems together and think creatively.
5. Talking about plans with a colleague can help to explore ideas.
6. It is important that people know how to manage conflict at work.

A flyer for a gym (reading B1):
Task 1
1. True
2. False
3. False
4. True
5. True
6. False
7. True
8. False

Task 2
1. The gym offers a full-service fitness membership.
2. We'll make a training plan specifically for you.
3. You can now work out on your own.
4. We'll always be nearby to help.
5. Start and stop whenever you want.
6. Join any of our classes, led by expert instructors.
7. This is why our members have chosen us over any other gym.
8. Stop, start or refund your membership any time.

Boy bands (listening B2):
Check your understanding: true or false
1. True
2. False
3. True
4. False
5. False
6. True
7. True
8. False

Check your understanding: multiple choice
1. C
2. B
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. B
7. C
8. A

A Plastic Ocean: a film review (reading B2):
Task 1
1. We live in a world full of plastic, and only a small proportion is recycled
2. This prompts them to travel around the world to look at other areas that have been affected.
3. These are contrasted with scenes of polluted cities and dumps full of plastic rubbish.
4. But the film doesn’t only present the negative side.
5. The results are disastrous, but it isn’t too late to change.

Task 2
1. We urgently need to take action about the plastic waste problem.
2. The hurricane had a devastating impact on the island.
3. The filmmakers make a shocking discovery in the Pacific.
4. The answer was painfully obvious to everyone in the room.
5. Everyone has a role to play in this situation.
6. It's not too late to reverse the tide and fix the problem.
7. This is a short-term solution. It won't work forever.
8. There is a staggering amount of plastic in the world.