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5LSCA - AIordache Difference between Normal People and a famous photo
by AIordache - (2019-10-08)
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In the present text, I am going to discuss the differences between the male's subject behavior in the picture shot in Time Square, New York at the end of the Second World War and the male main character' in the novel of Sally Rooney: Normal People.
The picture I am taking into consideration has in the first plane you can see a young couple kissing passionately, maybe because he missed her during the period he was far from home. You can grasp from the uniform that he is part of the U.S. Army.
On the other hand, I am going to analyze Normal People, a post-modern novel which is about the up and downs of a teenage relationship in Ireland in our days.
Connell, the male character is a popular guy, good at school, at playing football, very nice looking. He is attracted to Marianne, his opposite: she behaves differently from the other people so she has no friends. That's why Connell, influenced by the people's judgments, decided to propose to Marianne a secret relationship and she agrees.
So, the first difference that pops in my mind between the two sources is that the couple is kissing in front of other people and consequently they are in the center of attention. This kind of behavior wouldn't be adopted by Connell who pretends to not know Marianne at school. Another different feature is the passionate way the man holds in the woman in his arms like in a scene of a drama. That's an evident demonstration of affection.
On the contrary, Connell seems to have difficulty to show his feelings. Also, doesn't take control of the situation, he doesn't take decisions about their relationship, he doesn't know what he wants
In conclusion, the veteran of the navy seems he hasn't afraid of the future, he has all under control.