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GGirardi - 5LSCA photo analysis
by GGirardi - (2019-10-08)
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The picture represents a young couple. It makes me think about love.They are kissing, but they are doing it in a passionate way/ passionately. Taking into consider the chapter of the couple, the intelligent looker will understand that the men is a World War II veteran, and you can understand by the hat he wears, which is from the navy. I think he is kissing her in that way because he is happy that the war is over, like the people around, they are all laughing. Otherwise he kisses her like that as a consequence of the nostalgia of his lady.

In addition we can notice the color of his skin, which is black. This highlights / e can link to a problem that was very felt in those years: the metter of the different: the metter of skin colour and dark race considered inferior. So, the circumstance and the way they do it, in front of everyone, is unusual. In fact, they don’t care what other think.

I can link this behaviour to a book I read, but in the opposite way.

The book is ‘’ Normal People’’ written by Sally Rooney, a very young and famous novelist.

The main characters are Marianne and Connell, which are students teenagers attending the last year of high school, belonging to an Irish small town.

Connell is extremely popular, he plays in the football team and he is smart. Marianne is the smartest of the school, but considered unpopular, because she doesn’t do things that all other students do, like reading books during breaks.

They are from two different social classes: Marianne is rich, Connell is pour.

Connell’s mother is the house keeper’s Marianne. 

Connell and Marianne have a secret relationship, on account of Connell is very scared to lose his status as the cool guy in the high school, and she accepts the secret relationship in order to please him. Connell wants to keep the relationship hidden because he was afraid of friend’s judgment and reputation in adolescence is very important. 

So these behaviours are the opposite of the couple in the picture, they don’t care about other’s judgments.