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SLorenzon - homework - 10th October 2019
by SLorenzon - (2019-10-09)
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Reading the second chapter, an intelligent reader find out a quotation. “Reality bends in the heat” is a quotation that anticipated the argument debated on. It means that reality is taking on an important role.

In the second chapter Ry Shalley is landing in Memphis for a global Tec-X-Po on Robotics. When she arrives in the Tec-X-Po, she finds Claire who takes her to class A where Ron Lord’s performance is. While in they go to the class A, they begin to speak about Memphis. Memphis is called whit this name because Memphis is near the Mississippi. Furthermore there is a tie between the city and “Frankenstein”, they are both two hundred years old. “Frankenstein” was a vision of how life might be created, the first non-human intelligence. Memphis is the place where artificial intelligence developed. Angels are non-human intelligence because they aren’t created by a human.

In addition, we can find a lot of citation of different places. The citations of “Nilo”, “Egypt” represent the low culture and the citations of “Las Vegas” , “England” represent the high culture.