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by AErrichiello - (2019-10-10)
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Fabio is my uncle. He’s my mum’s brother. He lives with his family in Udine.

He works five days a week. He play tennis very well. We sometime play tennis together.

I don’t spend a lot of time with him, but I love stay with him.


My brother’ name is Marco. He is 11 years old. He play tennis and basket 3 times week.

He doesn’t like going to school. He has got a lot of friends. He lives in Cervignano with my family and me.


My grandam is 85 years old. She’s my mum mother. Her name is Licia. She’s smart and when I stay with her I have a lot of fun. I go to my grandam’s home one time a week. She doesn’t like walk. She speak a lot.



She is Vicky’s mum.

He is Vicky’s dad.

They are Vicky’s sister. They are twins.

They are Vicky’s brother sister in lou and niece.

They are Vicky’s granfather and his girlfriend.



Her mum writes for a magazine.

Her dad works in a bank.

Her sister argues all the time.

Her brother and family live in Paris.

Her grandpa often goes to Spain.



His father in playing football.

Her sisters are laughing.

Herbrother, sister in luo and her niece are sitting in the park.

Her grandparents are playing golf.



My dad works in a bank, but today he playing football.



We have a family pet.

I’m reading a good book at the moment.

My parents don’t speak English.

I’m wearing my favourite shoes today.

My best friend doesn’t like shopping.

I play the guitar.

It’s raining.



Do you have a family pet? Yes, we have.

Are you reading a good book at the moment? Yes, I am.

Are your parents speak English? No, they don’t.

Are you wearing your favourite uniform? Yes, I am.

Does your best friend like shopping? Yes, he does.

Do you play the guitar? Yes, I do.

Is it raining? Yes, it is.


Es.:1 pag 7

Protein: meat, bean, ham, eggs.

Carbohydrates: bread, rice. 

Fruit and vegetable: salad, strawberry, banana. Apple, carrots, tomatoes, chips, cucumbers, crisps.

Other: yogurt, slice of cake, coca cola, juice, chocolate, water, knife, fork, plates.


Es.:2 pag 7

The healthiest school lunch is the third.

The third is most similar to my school lunch.

The first is what I would like to eat.


Brazil D France A  England C Australia B 



Countable nouns: a banana, an apple, a fork, a strawberry.

Uncountable nouns: rice, coca cola, water, salad.



Are there any beans in photo B? No, there aren’t some.

Is there any coke in photo B? Yes, there is some.

Are there any chips in photo A? Yes, there are some.

Is there any water in photo C? No, there aren’t any.

Is there any meat in photo a? Yes, there is some.



My school day starts early. For breakfast I usually have bread, hot chocolate and the banana.I love fruit, so I always put an apple and an orange in my school bag for later. We have a dog and I have to take the dog out before I go to school.There's the school bus. I know I should walk to school, but the bus stop right outside my home and I'm lazy.I've lunch at school.The lunches are healthy and because pasta is my favourite food, I usually have that. I get home around five o’clock. Luckily, my mum’s great cook, so we always eat well at home.



I’ve go a sandwiches and an apple. The sandwiches look OK, but I don’t want the apple. I can’t stand fruit.



Fast food is bad for you.

Italian food is the best in the world.

A men cook better than women.

I can’t live without chocolate.

It’s wrong to eat animals.


I agree with number 2.



Es.:1 pag 10

Do: yoga x, homework ///, shopping/, 

Go: horse-riding x, go out ///, go shopping //, go to the supermarket /.

Play: the guitar x, tennis ///, basket, x football x, the piano x.


Es.:3 pag 10

Been snowboarding? X

Been kite-surfing? X

Been horse-riding? X

Been rock climbing? X

Been to the cinema? Yes

Been camping? Yes

Been to a party? Yes

Eaten in a restaurant? Yes

Sung a song? Yes

Played an instrument? Yes 

Acted in a play or in a film? Yes

Given a speech? Yes.


Es.:4 pag 10

Have you ever been snowboarding? No I haven’t.

Have you ever been kite-surfing? No I haven’t.

Have you ever been horse-riding? No I haven’t.

Have you ever been rock climbing? No I haven’t.

Have you ever been to the cinema? Yes I have

Have you ever been camping? Yes I have

Have you ever been to a party? Yes I have

Have you ever been in a restaurant? Yes I have

Have you ever been sung a song? Yes I have

Have you ever been played an instrument? Yes I have

Have you ever been in a play or in a film? Yes I have

Have you ever been given a speech? Yes I have.


Es.:5 pag 10

Have you ever been horse riding? No I haven’t help!


Es.:6 pag 10

The most famous city I’ve ever been is London.

The faster car I’ve ever been is Ferrari.

The most beautiful place I’ve ever been is San Cassiano.

The tallest building I’ve ever been in the Shard.

The most expensive shops I’ve ever been is Harrods.

The best party I’ve ever been is Tirradio.


Es.:7 pag 10

My partner hasn’t written a poem.

My partner has seen a James Bond film.

My partner has been in London.

My partner hasn’t won a prize.

My partner hasn’t met a famous person.

My partner has stayed up all night.

My partner has lost a phone.


Es.:8 pag 10

Have you ever written a poem?

No, I haven’t.

Have you ever seen a James Bond film?

No, I haven’t.

Oh, I was wrong.

Have you ever been in London?

Yes, I have.

Have you ever won a prize?

Yes, I have.

Have you ever met a famous person?

Yes, I have.

Oh, I was wrong.

Have you ever stayed up all night?

Yes, I have.

Have you ever lost a phone?

No’I haven’t.

Oh, I was wrong: