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Osponza - homework pg.6-7-10
by OSponza - (2019-10-10)
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PG. 6 N. 1-2

I'm a son and my mum's name is Laura. She is friendly and very very generous, she is medium-lenght and she has black hair. My dad's name is Stefano. He is unselfish and he always happy, he is tall and he has blonde hair. I have two brothers: Giacomo is unfriendly but I love him, while my second brother Mattia is beatiful and he is my and only my baby, he has blonde curly hair and blues eyes. My uncle is a big man, he is friendly and shy and my aunt is very funny and she is a positive person. M favourite person in my family is my grandpa. He was a surgeast and he saved a lot of life. He helped me in latin and he is a sunny person.


PG.6 N. 3

I think 2 is Vicky's dad

I think 3 is Vicky's sisters

I think 4 is Vicky's aunt, uncle and cousin

I think 5 is Vicky's grandpa and grandma


PG.6 N. 4

  1. Her mum writes for a magazine

  2. her dad works in a bank

  3. her sisters argue all the time

  4. her brother and family live in Paris

  5. her grnadpa often go to Spain


PG.6 N.5

  1. her mum is having a cup of tea

  2. her dad is playing football

  3. her sisters are laughing

  4. her uncle, her aunt and her cousin are sitting in the park

  5. her grandpa and her grandma are playing golf


PG.6 N.6

My dad work in a bang but today he is playing football


PG.6 N.7

  1. I don't live near the school

  2. we have a family pet

  3. I'm not reading a book at the moment

  4. my parents speak English

  5. I do't wear my favourite shoes today

  6. my best friend likes shopping

  7. I don't play the guitar

  8. it isn't raining


PG.6 N. 8

  1. do you live near the school? / no, I don't

  2. do you have a family pet? / yes, we do

  3. are you reading a book at the moment? / no, I'm not

  4. do your parents speak English? / yes, they are

  5. do you wear your favourite shoes today? / no, I don't

  6. does your best friend like shopping? / yes, she does

  7. do you play the guitar? / no, I don't

  8. is it raining? / yes, it is


PG.7 N.1



fruit and vegetables






















PG.7 N.4

countable nouns: banana, eggs, orange

uncountable: water, coca, juice


PG.7 N.5

  1. is there any rice in photo D? /yes,there is

  2. are there any sandwiches in photo D? / no, there aren't

  3. are there any salad in photo A? / yes, there are

  4. is there any tomato in photo A? / no, there isn't

  5. are there any juice in photo C? / yes, there is


PG.7 N.6

  1. /

  2. /

  3. a

  4. the

  5. an

  6. an

  7. a

  8. the

  9. a

  10. the

  11. the

  12. /

  13. /


PG.7 N.7

I've got a sandwiches and an apple. The sandwiches look OK, but i don't want the apple. I cn't stand the fruit.


PG.7 N.8

  1. the fast food is bad for you

  2. an italian food is the best in the world

  3. men cook better than women

  4. I can't live without chocolate

  5. it's wrong to eat animals


PG.7 N. 9

I agree with number one, two and five


PG.10 N.1







Horses riding




The guitar

the piano

the drums



PG.10 N.3-4

  1. have you ever done any of these dangerous sports?

    - .. been snowbording? X

    - .. been kite-surfing? X

    - .. been horse-riding? V

    - .. been rock climbing? X

  2. have you ever done any of these things alone?

    - .. been to the cinema? X

    - .. been camping? X

    - .. been to a party? V

    - .. eaten in a restautant? X

  3. have you ever done any of these things in front of other people?

    - .. sung a song? V

    - .. played an instrument? V

    - .. acted in a play or a film? V

    - .. given a speech? V


PG.10 N.5

have you ever go horse-rinding? / no, I don't. Help.


PG.10 N.6

  1. the most famous city I've ever been to is Paris

  2. the fastest car I've ever been in is range rover

  3. the most beatiful place I've ever been to is Fossalon

  4. the talles building I've ever been in is Torre Eiffel

  5. the most expensive shop I've ever been in is Gucci

  6. The best party I've ever been to is Sweet Sunday


PG.10 N.7

  1. Omero has written a poem

  2. my grnadma hasn't seen a James Bond film

  3. my counsins have been to London

  4. my best friend has won a prize

  5. I'm met a famous person

  6. my horse has

  7. my brother is lost a phone


PG.10 N.8

  1. has Omero ever written a poem? / yes, he has

  2. has your grandma ever seen a James Bond film? / no, she hasn't

  3. have your cousins ever been to london? / yes, they have

  4. has your best friend ever won a prize? / yes, she has

  5. have you ever met a famous person? / yes, I have

  6. has

  7. has your brother ever lost a phone? / yes, he has