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by TStabile - (2019-10-10)
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Tecla Stabile


Aini is my aunt. She’s my mom’s sister. She lives in Udine. She have a son, Spartaco. He’s my cousin. He’s 19 years old. Now he’s studing in Udine.

Linda is my aunt. She’s my mom’s sister too. She lives in Calgary with her husband Broke and my cousins Yana and Micheal. She’s a pharmacist.


1. Vicky’s mum.

2. Vicky’s dad.

3. Vicky’s sisters.

4. Vicky’s brother, his wife and them child.

5. Vicky’s grandpa and him girlfriends.


1. Her mum writes for a magazine.

2. Her dad works in a bank.

3. Her sisters argue all the time.

4. Her brother and family live in Paris.

5. Her grandpa often goes to Spain.


1. Her mother is having a cup of tea.

2. Her dad is playing football.

3. Her sisters are laughing.

4. Her brother and family are sitting in the park.

5. Her grandpa and his girlfriends are playing golf.


My dad works in a bank, but today he is playing football.


2. We have a family pet.

3. I’m not reading a good book at the moment.

4. My parents speak English.

5. I’m not wearing my favourite shoes today.

6. My best friend like having shopping.

7. I don’t play the guitar.

8. It’s rain.