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by AVit - (2019-10-10)
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Pagine 52-53

Esercizio 6

1. 22/11/2009 – the twentysecond of November two thousands and nine

2.10/09/1998 (USA)– the nineth of October nineteen ninetyeight

3.6/9/2015 – the sixth of September twothousands fifteen

4. 5/5/1955 – the fifth of May nineteen fiftyfive 

5. 12/7/1988 (USA) – the sevenyh of December nineteen eightyeight

6.31/7/1700 – the thirtyfirst of July one thousand and seven hundred

7.8/3/1721 – the eighth of March seventeen twentyone

8.7/2/2007 – the seventh February two thousands and seven

9.2/12/1875 – the second of December eighteen seventyfive

10.25/6/1962 – the twentyfifth of June nineteen sixtytwo

Esercizi 7-8

1. 14/02 – Valentine’s day is on the fourteenth of February.

2. 21/12 – Winter Solstice is on the twentyfirst of December.

3. 01/05 – May Day is on the first of May.

4. 01/04 – April Fools’ Day is on the first of April.

5. 25/12 – Christmas Day is on the twentyfifth of December.

6. 05/11 – Guy Fawkes Night is on the fifth November.

7. 12/08 – The United Nations’ International Youth Day is on the twelfth of August.

8. 23/04 – English Language Day is on the twentythird of April.

9. 04/07 – American Independence Day is on the fourth of July.

10. 21/09 – International Peace Day is on the twentyfirst of September.

Esercizio 10

1.      I like reggae’s music and there’s a good concert on the twenty-second of November.

2.      The third ballet festival begins on the tenth of July.

3.      My birthday is every four years. It’s on the twenty-ninth of February.

4.      Matthew is having a party for Carnival on the fifteenth February.

5.      You are wrong. The museum isn’t open on Sunday fourth of August.

6.      The concert isn’t on Wednesday eleventh of  May, but on Thursday twelfth of May.

7.      When is Steve’s birthday? It is on the fourteenth of February!

8.      Tomorrow is our fourth anniversary, Christopher… Are you sure? What date is it?


1.      Matilda si è dimenticata il “THE” davanti al numero in entrambi i casi. Nella prima frase si è dimenticata anche l”OF” davanti al mese.

2.      Non si mette “THE” quando il numero è preceduto da un giorno della settimana.

3.      In inglese si esprime con i numeri ordinali mentre in italiano con i numeri cardinali.