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GPozzar - Characterisation - Homework 03/10/2019
by GPozzar - (2019-10-10)
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1) The director uses a direct approach to describe these two characters. through the physical description and that of the actions of the protagonists. Try to show also the differences between the two characters, very distant in character and also in physical terms.

2) I think that in an immediate future the two protagonists will meet and fall in love, this is because the director focuses many times on them, even before they meet. I also think that Can will have problems with his brother, Emre, regarding the family business, because Emre expects to handle it after his father's departure.

3) I think the director has divided the first episode into 5 parts to make the viewer curious and to make him look at the next part. Something important happens in all five parts. But I think that the most important parts are: the first part because are introduced and explains why Sanem is looking for work, and the third where Can the second protagonist of the series and Sanem kiss each other out of pure chance, from there will be the development of the plot.