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Early Bird - Mr. Can's Characterization 1
by GMosetti - (2019-10-12)
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The first time Mr. Can appears in the comedy is in the second episode when his brother, Mr. Emre, is calling him. The scene stars with the imagine of a wild place in the nature: there are trees and a river. The camera returns to Mr. Emre and suddenly the scene shifts again and shows a bird eye view of the river. Mr. Can in on focus, he’s rafting, the kayak is red and paddles are blue and yellow: the scene is colorful, different to the offices of his family. The shot is on his body, built and fit; he has long hair and a tattoo and he seems like a wild man.

The scene continues, Mr. Can answers to the Mr. Emre’s call, Mr. Aziz and him are waiting Mr. Can in the office to talk about a problem.

Mr. Can arrives at the office. The focus in on his style: he is wearing a pair of fashion sunglasses, a long necklace, a pair of jeans, a jacket, a t-shirt. Everybody look at him: he is different to the other but he has all the respect of the employees.

After that the camera shifts to Miss. Derain, she goes to Mr. Can, she likes him and she wants to have his graces, but he doesn’t. They talk and then he disappears in the office.