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SNardella - Can's characterisation - 13/10/2019
by SNardella - (2019-10-13)
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The director decides to introduce Can in the second part. There must be some reason why the director has choosen this. For exemple, he introduces Can after Sanem because he wants to underline that the two protagonists had not anything in common. But the most important point is that the director wants to create suspence so that the watcher will go on watching the romantic commedy.
We can see that Can is introduced by a telephone call from his brother Emre. The shift from the previous scene to the one the character is appearing on the screen is abrupt. Indeed the director shifts the attention from Emre, who in in the Istambul’s city centre, to Can, who is in the middle of the nature. Before freaming Can, the director focuses his attention on Can’s equipment and car; the latter is of a showy color just for keep the watcher’s attention and let know what kind of personality he has. Immediatly after the director shows us him meanwhile he is doing kayak. His strength and is courage are rappresented by his determination and his muscled body. Meanwhile he is fighting against the dangerouse river’s waters, the soundtrack changes. This contribute to let the watcher know his personality and that he is a wild,sporty and strong man.
The second time the director frames Can, is becuse his brother Emre call him another time. First the director shows us the landscape near his car; then he shows us Can who has just finished doing kayak and he is getting out the water. The director always shifts nearer the framing until Can is on foreground. When Can hears the phone ringing, he speaks with his borther Emre, and the director shifts the freaming according to the one is speaking. After that the two brothers have finished to speak, the soundtrack changes and the director focuses his attention on some Can’s detailes like his muscled body, what he does and his face expressions until he leaves that wild place for going to the city centre.
Infact, when Can comes to the office, he is introduced not physically because we have already seen him, but he is introduced saying what he does by Jay Jay. Here Jay Jay explain to Sanem his job and some about his private life. The director wants to make us understand that he is respected by everyone and for this reason, when he gets into the office the director frames Can first, and after all the people that watch him carefully. A really important point is when Can is walking near Sanem and the soundtrack changes. This time the director has choosen a soft one, because he wants to underline a different feeling, that he has not introducted yet.