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EKoci - Homework - 13/10/19
by EKoci - (2019-10-13)
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In the present text I am going to discuss the characterisation of Sanem Bakkal has presented in the first episode of the romantic

comedy Erkenci Kus (early bird). Sanem is one of the main characters in the comedy. In order to reach my objective, I will follow seen

after seen all that the director chooses to do to introduce Sanem's personality in the first episode. It goes without saying that the

function of the first episode is to introduce main and secondary characters and last but not least to raise curiosity so that the reader or

watchers will feel involved in the story and a result go on watching or reading between the lines and put themselves to test to decide

how the comedy will develope. The director has made the decision to have her appear at the beginning of the first scene. Considering

the first one the reader expect that the story is all about Sanem's life. At the beginning of the episode the director focuses the attention

on the district where Sanem's family lives. That makes us readers or watchers understand some feature of Sanem's personality. We can

suppose that Sanem is cherly, modest and common. Her casual clothes also helps us to find out other qualites of her. Sound contributes

to describe her cherly character. In a second time the director wants his audience to concentrate on Sanem's work and dreams, that

becomes a metaphore for her ambitious personality.