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ENicola - Characterization
by ENicola - (2019-10-13)
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Early bird (episode 1)

I’m going to analyze the characterization of two characters.
The director opens the episode already showing a moody part of the girl, who finds herself in everyday routine.
He introduces in the first scene the beginning of the girl’s day. After he wants to show that these are habits of every day, because the scene is very fast. It’s clear that the director wants to focus our attention on the girl’s dreams. It shows us this by introducing the girl’s two dreams and showing her imagination. Later in the second scene appears a boy, that the director wanted to show that his body language is impulsive and unusual, because he scared the poor girl. On the contrary the girl, with her body language, doesn’t seem to be interested by him and she is tired, nervous and bored by the boy’s behavior. I think that the director uses to describe these two characters the body languages and the actions description.