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EKoci - Homework - 13/10/19
by EKoci - (2019-10-13)
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NAME: Sanem Bakkal

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Sanem is tall,slim with light skin tone. She has got brown short curly hair and she wears casual clothes.

SOCIAL POSITION: At first Sanem works at her's dad shop then she is going to be an emplyee at her's sister agency.

FAMILY SITUATION: Sanem has got a father named Nihat, a mother Mavkebe and a sister Leyla. They aren't reach infact his dad works at his shop then her mother is a housekeeper.

NATURE: Sanem is happy, honest, helpful,cherly,modest, friendly, sometimes crazy, intellingent and a bit shy.

HABITS: She gets up early and goes to work. Whe Sanem has a poblem she always calls her friend Ayhan that helps her.

FACTS AND EVENT IN HER LIFE: Mavkebe doesn't want SAnem to work at a shop, she wants her dauther to have a fancy job, so she has a plan to compel Sanem to find another one. Sanem decided to apply for a new job at her sister agency where she will work in the bring take departement.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER CHARACTERS IN THE STORY: Sanem has a good behaviour with everbody but sometimes she gets mad when Derain called her the other or most of the time she argues with Leyla about work. Leyla as we know doesn't want to hep Sanem so she is often mean with her.