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MBolzan - Characterization
by MBolzan - (2019-10-13)
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In the next text I'm going to analize a part of a video taken from a Turkish soap opera. The director introduces the character from her moves. We can see that the main character is a woman from Turkey. She works in a small shop that sells food. she is full of energy and she's a very dynamic person. She has two big dreams: became a famous writer and going to live in Galapagos.

We can also understand it from what she does in the shop: she relaxes herself with writing about her dreams, like living in galapagos. The director wanted to speed up the scene when she helps the customers, but when she writes the rithm slows down. The character in this scene is introduced by what she thinks. She answers:"What's wrong with dreaming". The character is also presented from her body language. After that entered another guy and the main character seems annoyed from how he acts and from how he speaks.