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MBattiston - homework 11.10.2019
by MBattiston - (2019-10-13)
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In the following text, I am going to disuss about the characterisation of Can Yaman as presented in the first episode of the romantic commedy "Erkenci Kus" (Early bird in english).

Can Yaman is one of the protagonists in the commedy.

To discuss his characterisation I will follow step by step all the choices the director made to introduce this particular protagonist.
Obviously the function of the first episode is to introduce all the characters of the commedy and to exite curiosity of the viewer, who will be involved in the story and be able to read between the lines so they can hypothesize how the commedy will develop.

The director has made the decision to present Can in the second scene because the naive watcher doesn't expect that one of the character is missing. He will soon understand the chiouse of the director to create suspance and curiosity and make the commedy less boring.
The first time we saw Can, seems like he is a wild man, without borders and horizons, totally absorbed in the wild nature. This scene is 
characterized by macro datails, like the yellow car, the red kayak, and focus on Can's muscular body. The director put Can in this landscape because he wants the watcher to focus on Can's absence of fear and courage, he is not afraid about rafting in a dangerouse river. Sounds, like river's one, colours, like yellow, red, contribute to focus on the personality of Can.

In the end you understand that Can Yaman is the opposite person of his brother Emre, who is always elegant, superb and likes staying in office. Instand Can is a free spirit, he doesn't like staing in closed places , and he is careless.