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CPaolini -homework 14.10.2019- Characterisation of Can
by CPaolini - (2019-10-13)
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In the present text I am going to discuss the characterisation of Can Yaman as presented in the first episode of the romantic commedy “Erkency Kus” (Early Bird in English). Can Yaman is one of the protagonists in the commedy.


In order to reach my objective I will follow scene after scene all that the director chooses to do to inroduce Can Yaman's personality in the first episode. It goes without saying that the function of the first episode is to introduce main and secondary characters and, last but not least, to raise curiosity so that the watcher will feel involved in the story and, as a result, go on watching between the lines and put himself to test to decide how the commedy will develop.


The protagonist appears only in the second scene. The director has made this decision to create suspence and curiosity and he wants the watcher to belive the character is not a main one because in this way he can surprise him. Can is presented with a telephon call from his brother Emre. This is a pretext to compare two totaly different landscapes and personalities. Emre is in the city centre of Istanbul while Can is deep in a wild landscape. The director focuses his attention on macro details to give the watcher the opportunity to understand something about Can's personality before watching him. From such choise the watcher is compelled to focus on Can's car and his equipment. Also the sound-track contributs to create the atmosphere and colors are very important to attract the attention and impress the watcher.


With these details you can understand Can often gets around in the middle of the nature and he does a dangerous sport which needs equipment. In the end the protagonst is unveiled, he is going kayak. His personality is shown by his habilities, his body is meant to his strong behavoir and his energy.