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JSchiff _ Homework for the 14th of October 2019
by JSchiff - (2019-10-13)
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Watching a character

I –

  • Name: Louise
  • Age: ?
  • Family situation: Married.
  • Physical appearance: depressed, not good looking.
  • Character: ?
  • Habits: She’s not a creature of habits, but back in time she used to cry Wilson’s name.
  • Past events in her life: ?


II –

  • The tide of her melancholy.
  • “Nor so false”, he sometimes told himself.



The husband is not in love with Louise, but feels responsible for her happiness, she’s upset (I think it is because apparently she does not have friends and he husband does not love hero) and he tries – being kind or pity – to make her feel batter. You can notice it clearly by the sentence “The less he needed Louise the more he became conscious of his responsibility for her happiness”.


IV –

a-      I’m pretty free to imagine Louise as a reader, since I get the husband’s point of view, but also narrator’s description to give me information about her.

b-     From this short extract Louise seems independent, strong and free from her feeling about her husband.