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ACleber - homework 13710/19
by ACleber - (2019-10-13)
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The character of Can Yaman is introduce in the second part of the comedy, that’s because the director wants to create suspence and curiosity and involved the watcher or reader.

Can was presented by the technique of showing. The first time We saw him was after the call of his brother Emre, the seen was opened with a wild landscape that reflect his type of life.

 He was rafting and thank to this we can have a free interpretation of his personality, He is a wild and sports man, he is brave and adventurous, totally different from his brother that has another kind of life, as we can see because of the change of the landscape and also for the different models of cars.

Also the colours are important, infact the director associate power colours to Can to attract the attention and to refere to his energy personality. Can’s body becomes a methaform from his strong character.

Jaycee present him with a direct characterisation to Sanem as a sports man and one of the best photographer in the world.

Can is an helpful guy we can see it when he wants to help his father. He always speaks in a quiet and intelligent manner. He is very outgoing and responsible.

In conclusion also the sound contribute to create the athmosfere and to find out about the scene.