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MBurba - Homework 14.10.2019
by MBurba - (2019-10-13)
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Can Yaman is one of the main characters of the romantic comedy “Erkencicus” ( Early Bird in English).  He has been presented in the first episode but in the second part of it. This choice is ment to create suspance and curiosity and to give the audience the opportunity to find the film more involving and interesting because not all the watchers expect his appearance.


Can has been introduced by technique of showing and the contrast with his brother. The first time we saw him is during a telephone call with his brother Emre and the spectator is played from Instambul’s city centre to a more distant wild landscape that crates a totally different atmosphere. This is made in order to comparise their two different lifes.

Before show him the director focused the attention on Can’s car, one tipically used by adventurous people. Then we can finally see Can who is rafting anf fight the wild water which seems to drag him but he isn’t afraid. This mean Can is a sportman,heis brave and he has got a strong personality. His kayak and all the equipments are in vilic colours that impressed the reader.


Can is one of the son of the owner of the agency where Sanem (the protagonist) will work. He comes from a rich family but he chose a different type of life. He preferes to wear casual clothes and to put himself to the test. He goes to the most dangerous places and takes photos of the landscape. He has got a great relationship with his father who trust him even more than his brother. He don’t know what happened to Can’ mother because she is never ment.


In the third part of the episode appear Can’s fiance Polen. Can isn’t in love with her anymore. We can know it from his expressions and his physical gestures. If you go on watching this comedy you will found out that he is attracted by Sanem.