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5LSC A - SDri_Normal People: Analysis of an extract from Two Month Later
by SDri - (2019-10-13)
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Analysis of an extract from Two Month Later

The aim of the present essay is to analyse the relationship between the two main characters of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People: Connell and Marianne, more specifically the focus will be on their commitment to support each other. In order to provide a hypothesis, I will take into consideration an extract belonging to the section titled Two Month Later. This includes the description of a scene when Connell and Marianne are watching a romantic film and the protagonist of the movie finds out to be unexpectedly pregnant. It is interesting to note their body language, inner thoughts and interaction between Connell and Marianne, which will be analysed in the following paragraphs. The third person narrator offers to the reader a privileged access to two sets of thinking patterns.

After reading the section considered, there is no doubt that body language expresses what is difficult to convey by words, and can easily mirror what the characters are actually thinking. Analysing Marianne’s body language, it comes to light that she is not concerned by any means since she got her period that morning. On the contrary, Connell looks worries as watching the movie made him overthink and realise that Marianne might be pregnant of him. The use of the adverb longer is an evident proof of Connell’s fear: he loses the sense of time because he doesn’t have the rational control of the situation. The expression "in a panic" and the use of the questions tag emphasise the fact that Connell is worried about Marianne’s possible pregnancy. In fact, question tags are usually used when the interlocutor wants to hear a confirmation he is right; therefore, it is a form of reassurance. 

Looking at Marianne’s body language, it is relevant to note that her emotions are deeper that Connell’s ones: she cries but at the same time she raises the shoulders. Analysing the interaction between them, it is evident that Marianne represents a reassurance point for Connell even though, at the same time, she wants to put him to the test. Firstly, she is a reassurance point because when she states that she had her period in that morning, he calms his-self, on the other hand she tests his maturity asking what he would do if she was pregnant. Like in several other situations, Connell doesn’t provide an efficient answer but he looks for reassurance saying “kind of depends on what you would want to do”. An interesting point to underline is that Marianne makes a prediction and this is a clue of the fact that she is scared to be abandoned. It can be said that she made that question in order to understand Connell’s will.  In order to respond to Connell, Marianne used the verb admit that suggests she would feel guilty if she would get pregnant . Concluding the dialogue, Connell reassures Marianne about her doubts but it is clear that he uses irony when dealing with uncertainty. 

To conclude it can be said that surely Marianne and Connell are in love. This extract is the proof that they care about each other and are willing to protect their partners.