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ASorrentino - As the director introduces the girl
by ASorrentino - (2019-10-13)
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In this text I will tell how the romantic commedy’s director presents the protagonist. Early bird is a Turkish product. I’m going to analyze the character from how she introducted in the novel and and from her features, that I obtain from what she do. The director presents the opening scene in which the girl daydreams, in the morning everyone sings and dances, but after realizing that the morning is a day like any other, she starts working as shop assistant. She puts a lot of passion into her work. When she finished to work she writes her novel about her dreams becomes an important writter and goes to live in Galapagos. From this I deduce that the girl is a humble and positive character, but at the same time energetic and dynamic. The director wants to make the girl look like a dreamer and therefore also hopeful in the eyes of spectators.