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SFormentin - 5LSCA - Cambiamenti dei personaggi
by SFormentin - (2019-10-13)
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How do the two characters grow up along the book:


  • At the beginning, she’s the isolated and friendless one

  • She has got an introverse personality

  • She’s not appreciated by her peers and she knows it

  • She seems not to be loved by her mother and her brother, sometimes

  • She belongs to a wealthy family

  • She’s brilliant at school

  • Things start to change when her and Connell’s acquaintance develops and they start to speak when they’re at scholl in front of other people

  • Her personality grows up when she goes to University, after the high school

  • She becomes popular and open to the other people

  • She experiences different boyfriends

  • Only when she’s with Connell she can be herself and find her identity

  • Even if she grows up along the book Connell remains the only person she can tell everything to, even after a long time they don’t meet each others


  • At the beginning, she’s the popular and loved one

  • She’s opened to friends

  • She lives with his mother Lorraine and there is a nice agreement between the two

  • He belongs to a poor family

  • He’s brilliant at school too

  • His personality starts to chang when he understands he likes Marianne

  • At first he doesn’t want the school to know he knows Marianne well, because of reputation

  • Things change when Connell start considering her in front of her friends, for example when he defends her to a party while she was victim of bullying

  • His mental strenght and personality decreases when he goes to the University

  • He becomes depressed and their role swap, now he’s the isolated and friendless one

  • He’s not inclined to know other people, even if he finds a girlfriend

  • As happens for Marianne, Connell knows he can be himself only when he speaks with Marianne, even if they don’t see each others for a long time