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SFormentin - 5LSCA - Trascrizione appunti
by SFormentin - (2019-10-13)
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Come scrivere un’analisi di un romanzo:

  • Narratore (3° persona) = oscilla tra i punti di vista

  • Tecnica narrativa= il narratore entra nelle menti dei personaggi

  • Come sono raccontati i personaggi?

The reader seems to be able to get a balanced impression.

Furthermore, the shift of the point of view seems to drag the reader in the characters’ mind to involve it in the story.

It ivolves two main characters, and it starts “in medias res”.

The idea of being involved into a realistic world is organized by the narrator, a third person one that seems to see the scene from outside.

As a result of the narrative choises, the reader seems to be almost free to make a personal judgement.

The two characters are presented with a mixture of telling and showing, but in the beginning of the novel showing seems more present: this effect gives a sense of freedom to the reader.

The use of showing allows the reader to understand that the conversation has an informal register.

Characters come to life with their names, dressing style, routine habits, reputation and the way they interact, which also reveals their more intimate feelings.

Their use of the language, as well as the content of their conversations, sets them immediately in a more familiar environment: they are student teenagers belonging to an Irish environment with a personal reaction towards home and school context.