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Exercises 14/10/2019
by PDelPin - (2019-10-13)
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Early bird

In the following part I will do an analysis of the Turkish film "Early bird", focusing on the personality of the characters shown in the first scenes.


I starded watching the scenes several times, taking notes about the director's choices with his characters: their toughts, their dreams.


San, the main character, starts her day singing a joyful song, wearing a cute dress and dancing covered in soap bubbles, but then she turns back to her real life in her grocery store: this scene represents the positive side of the character, she likes to find the fun in the boredom and the pleasure in a shop-assistant life.


After a day in the grocery store she finally opens her notebook to write her novel, she writes about her dreams, that are becoming a famous writer and moving to the Glapagos: the director here wants to highlight the most important aspect of the scene, the girl's novel; to make that happened he speeds up the part where she works in the shop and jump directly into her thoughts. At this point the audience knows for sure that she's a dreamer.


Later a peculiar guy appears at the market's door. His gestures are weird and unusual and San doesn't seem to like him very much. The guy starts imideatly making questions about her novel, wondering if she's writing about them too, also mentioning about a family dinner at San's house. She's staring to look kinda annoyed about him, because she doesn't know what he's talking about: with these hints the audience can understand well what's going on. The guy's behavior introduces a feel of inadequacy in the watcher, making them start to dislike Muzaffer (the guy) even from the very first time. In fact in his first appearance, he knocks on the shop's window, scaring the main character and interrupting her thoughts flow, he also seems to be very intrusive about San's life asking her about her personal novel. Lastly he mentions about a family dinner thinking at her, clarifying that he's planning to propose to her the same night.