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GPiu - Test argumentative 14/10/2019
by GPiu - (2019-10-13)
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In the present text I'm going to discuss the characterization of Can Yaman as presented in the first episode of the romantic comedy “ Erkenci Kus” (Early bird in English ).Can Yaman is one of the main characters in the comedy.


In order to reach my objected I will follow scene after scene all that the director chose it to do to introduce Can Yaman' s personality in the first episode.

It goes without saying that the function of the first episode is to introduce main and secondary characters and, last but not least to raise curiosity so that the reader or watcher will feel involved in the story and, as a result go on watching or reading between the lines ad put themselves to test to introduce how the comedy will develop.


Is interesting to note that the director presents Can, one of the protagonists of the story, only in the second part of the first episode. This is a technique to attract the reader's attention and curiosity.

The director is also telling to intelligent readers indirectly how the characters are and give the watcher the opportunity to find the video involving and interesting. You will come to learn the lifestyle of them trough some important details.

Can is introduced by the director suddenly; the shift from the previous scene and the one the character is appearing on the screen is abrupt.

At first, the director to create more suspense, don't immediately introduce the protagonist but he focuses attention on the landscape and what's going on in that moment.

The pretext exploited by him is a telephone call from Jan's brother, Emre, and the watcher is plunged from Istanbul's city center to a more distant wild background that creates a different atmosphere.

Initially small details are shown to make you understand Can's personality. For example his car, that is a sport one, typically used by adventurous people. It is very different from the car used by his brother to go to the agency,

The director wants to make him special, showing some differences between him and his brother or other city people, who have a different lifestyle.

Colors are also more important because they attract the watcher's attention and curiosity; his car and his equipment are always visible in the scene through bright colors like red and yellow.

The soundtrack is used to capture the viewer’s attention, to affect the mood of the audience and to create a sense of anticipation.It is able to dictate the right mood and atmosphere.


In the end comes the crucial moment where the protagonist is shown in the middle of nature.

Can is presented to the watchers while he's doing rafting in the waters of a river in storm, from this scene we can immediately understand that he is a brave, sports and wild man.

In a second moment the director wants his audience to concentrate on Can's body that becomes a metaphor for his strong personality.

He is tall and muscular, he has got long, dark hair and brow eyes, he also has a beard, we can watch that he's a very attractive man.

His personality is shown by his skill to face a wild water that seems to drag him but he isn't afraid.

Can come out of the water responds to the call of his brother, who tells him to arrive early to the agency for the ceremony of the 40th years of the company. He gets dressed very quickly.

Clothes characterize him because they reflect a lot his personality,in this scene he wears a causal dresses like a blue t-shirt, pants and sports shoes..

When he arrives at the agency you can understand that people admire him for his strong personality and lots of women are fascinated by his beauty, for example Mrs. Derain.

For this reason the director wants to underline another aspect of his character, when people greet and stop him to chat, he doesn't stop to talk with them. So you understand that the director wants to present him as a man of few words but probably of many facts, a typical mysterious and fascinating man.