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SFormentin - 5LSCA - Normal people vs photo pag. 513 (Comparison)
by SFormentin - (2019-10-13)
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COMPARING “NORMAL PEOPLE” TO THE PHOTO “The end of the World War II” (pag. 513)

If deeply analyzed, the photo belonging to 1945 hides behind it similarities with Sally Rooney’s “Normal People. First of all, the core, the topic at the base of the book and the photo is the relationship between two people. For what concerns the photo, it belongs to the end of the WW2 and it is set in Times Square, New York. As we can notice, there are some people in the background happily looking at them. This somehow recalls the background of Normal People: two young persons who live they’re relationship while it seems everybody is watching them. But there seems to be an important difference. While the man in the photo kisses the girl withouth thinking about all the people around watching them, Connell always thinks about the expectations of the other people towards him and he’s obsessed with his reputation. In brief, the photo shows a public relationship, while the book tells about a secret one.