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SFormentin - 5LSCA - Body language, thoughts and interactions pag. 102
by SFormentin - (2019-10-14)
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The extract I’m going to analyze starts with Connell and Marianne watching a dramatic movie. The feelings present in the scene are perfectly conveyed by Rooney thanks to the different ways the two protagonists express them. Indeed, the scene can be analyzed on thee different levels: body language, thoughts and interactions. The movie they’re watching is only the pretext to a more personal dialogue, when what the two protagonists want one from the other comes to the surface. It turns out that Marianne is testing him with inconvenient questions, such as what would he do if she was pregnant. This attitude hides Marianne’s necessity of knowing him and of being accepted and reassured, since she’s always been isolated by her mates. On the contrary, Connell knows she wants to be reassured, but at the same time he answers vaguuely, maybe because he’s not sure about the answer Marianne would like to receive, and he also doesn’t want to let her down.

The different ways of expressing feelings (body language, thoughts and interactions) have been underlined on the book.