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GPozzar - Caracterisation of Can - Homework 13/10/2019
by GPozzar - (2019-10-14)
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In the present text I’m going to analyze the characterization of Can Yaman, one of the main character in the romantic comedy, Early Bird.

In order to reach my goal I will go to analyze every single scene, to understand what the director did to introduce Can Yaman in the second episode.

Unlike the other protagonists of the comedy, Can is introduced in the second episode instead of the first one. This is to create suspense and curiosity.

In the first scene in which he appeals is when his brother, Emre, calls him. In this scene the cat of the two brothers are compared of Emre’s is sportive and expensive, while Can’s is a muddy suv. This shows that Can is a person who spends a lot of time in nature, unlike his brother.

In the following scene we move from the city panorama to an overview of nature. This serves to make people understand where Can is used to.

After the recovery passes on him that makes kaiak, all this recovery is for example the male body and the physical prowess. You can understand moreover that he likes to do extreme sports and maybe even that he likes being alone since usually that sport is done in the company because it’s dangerous. 

The director tries to create a very dynamic recovery to understand how Can behaves when doing dangerous sports.

Can reconfirm when the brother calls him, there is a revival of him who dresses and loads the Kaiak on the suv. This is intended to make Can's vesitre understand and highlight its strength.

The last scene in which he appears is when he goes to his father's office. He is dressed in an unusual manner for an office and this makes it seem that he does not listen to others and does what he wants. In the way that he dismisses the secretary, Derein, suggests that he knows he is attractive but does not want to have any relationship.

In these scenes of the introduction of the character of Can the director tries to make us understand his character, personality and habits.