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5LSCA - AIordache David Lodge's novel New Work
by AIordache - (2019-10-14)
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In the present text, I am going to analyze an extract from David Lodge's novel Nice Work.
In the extract, the protagonist Robyn Penrose, a female university teacher is giving a lecture of semiotics.
It is written in the third person narrator, through Robyn's speech you can identify the novelist's point of view.

The thesis affirmed is: there is no "self", a unique with defined borders personality. There are infinite identities in each one of us, instead. Nowadays, the confines of personality are water-soluble.
It is also said that capitalism and classic novels are based on the self. An example, for the first case it pops in my mind the figure of the powerful businessman and in the second the hero and the antihero, which are definite personalities with no shades. or black or white.
Going on with the argumentation, rejecting the existence of the self, Robyn affirms that it exists the only submission of the infinite web of discourses: power, sex, religion, family, science, poetry.
They are the components of the culture and tradition of populations. The person's identity is forged by what he or she grew up hearing about.
The same is for the text production: every text is the product of others, it does not an original text.
In conclusion, the reality is made of texts even people are texts: Robyn quotes a sentence saying that "we are what speaks us", we are what we say, and how we say it.