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FBasso - Descrizione sulla mia famiglia
by FBasso - (2019-10-15)
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In my family there are my father, my mother and I. I haven’t got any brothers or sisters, I’m an only child.

My father’s name is Ermanno and my mother’s name is Anna.

My father is 48 years old and my mother is 43.

My father works in a glass factory and my mother is a housewife.

Finally there is me. My name is Francesco, I’m 14 years old and I’m a student attending the first form at

Cervignano’s Liceo Scientifico.

My parents are actives, they like sports and cultures.

My mother likes cooking, watching films, she also loves reading books and staying with my dad and me and going to the sea.

My father likes watching films too and basketball and football matches, he also loves staying with my mum

 and me and hiking in the mountains.