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Early Birds. Riassunto, focus sull'ambientazione.
by TStabile - (2019-10-15)
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Tecla Stabile

Early birds setting

In the first scene of the film is setting first in the girl’s room and after in the street.

The street is a road of a colorful, cheerful, magic. We can see some people near the windows.

In the street there are people dancing with the main character.

At the end of the ballet Sun understands it was a dream and then we see the shop where she works.

The shop is small but comfortable , full of products. There is a desk where Sun writes her dreams.

When she is sitting behind the desk and she’s writing she also talks about her dreams.

But she has been interrupted by Muzzafer , a rude boy. He comes to her shop every day. He wants to propose to her.