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AGambino - the 15th of October - description
by AGambino - (2019-10-15)
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The video starts with a general shot of the surroundings, it’s shooted from above and it represents an island. The prevailing colors are warm, even the blu and green seem less cold then usual. The districts look so familiar and also the houses are painted with warm colors, like yellow or red. 


At the beginning of the video, the girl goes out from her house to the street in front of the latter. She and the whole situation express a lot of joy.

Later the street, a common district street, fills up with a lot of people, there are also flowers, balloons and soap bubbles.

Everything suggests happiness.


When she stops singing, the street turns empty again and the colors all over there are colder now. 


Then there’s a location shift and she stands in a grocery store, which is very small and full of food.