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FSchiaffino - My family
by FSchiaffino - (2019-10-15)
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My family

I live with my family in the north east of Italy, in a small town : Fiumicello. In my family there are four people­: my mother, my father, my sister and I. We have no pets in my house. My mother name is Vincenza and she is fourty eight years old, my father name is Nicola and he is fourty nine and my sister name is Caterina and she is eleven.

My mother and my father are both employed. My father works in Fiumicello and my mother works in Cervignano, a small town near Fiumicello.

My sister is a student at the first form of primary high school. She is a good student. Her favourite subjects are mathematic and history.

I am very happy with my family and I never change it.