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SBosich - riassunoto primi 3:00 minuti filmato con attenzione su ambientazione
by SBosich - (2019-10-15)
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In the first part of the comedy the girl gets up to the bed and has a daydream.

The setting of this scene is a town near the sea, the town in colourful and there are some seagulls.

In the  daydream she gets dressed, she goes out and she dances happy. The setting in this scene is the street in front of the house of her and outside of her house the are some people who dances with her. The context is joyful and cheerful.

In the next scene the girl realizes the morning is a common morning and she starts to work in supermarket. In the realty the street there isn’t anyone and it is unhappy. In the supermarket there are some types of   objects and it is ordered.

In the last scene, when in the supermarket there aren’t anyone, the girl writs the a novel with her dreams become a writer once and one day goes to leave to Galapagos.