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FDifeola - my presentation
by FDiFeola - (2019-09-18)
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Hello, my name is Sonia, i’m 15 years old, i go to the third class of Albert Einstein school.

You can always find an happy smile on my face and if you go out with me you can not get bored. I’m generous with those i deserve; i am selective about choosing friends, because i’d like to have around me people who love me. Unfortunaly i know that i am stubborn, often too proud and i can be very tough with those who hurts me. In my life i practised a lof of sports for example: volleyball, swimming, skating. My favorite hobby is nails painting, every month i change my nails color ,this month i used my favorite color: purple, even if i have never had purple hair. Infact i like dyeing my hair; now i have red hair. I have brown lively eyes and a little nose too. I hope you will agree with me on this description on my self!