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NAPuntin - Puntin presentation
by NAPuntin - (2019-09-18)
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My name is Noemi. I’m 16 years old and I’m from Pieris. I live in a house with my parents,my sister and two dogs. My sister Viola is 13. I’m a little bit taller than her but we both have long brown hair and green eyes. Everyone says we are identical. She sometimes is nice but we quarrel a lot.

I attend the thirt year of my school. I really like history but I don’t klike math.

In my free time i go to dance class. I have been dancing since I was four. I also like reading and walking with my dogs. My dogs are very strange seen from outside because one is very big(it’s a newfoundland) and the other is very small. Both are very affectionate.

I like travelling. This summer I’ve been in Rome,in Sicily,in Milan and in York. My favourite trip was the one in the United States which i did three years ago.

My birthday is in May. I really like that period because I love spring and it’s also the end of the school.