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ASTaccarelli - Presentation
by ASTaccarelli - (2019-09-18)
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Good morning teacher,

my name is Andrea and I’m fifteen.
I live in Villa Vicentina with my parents, Antonella e Pino, and my brother Lorenzo.
I’ve got medium-length, light brown, wavy hair and brown eyes. I’m tall and slim.
I’m a positive person and a sociable subject. I like to play sports: until last year I played volleyball with Fiumicello team, but now I am attending a modern dance school cours. Really, my greatest passion is singing. In fact for nine years I have been singing in a white voices chorus called Artemia.
My others interests are listen music and read.
My favorite music kind is pop but I like to listen others kinds  like classic or rock (but not trap).
I like romantic books but I also read other genres like fantasy. I love  Harry Potter stories, my favorite character is Hermione Granger.
After high school, I would like to enroll in a medical school.

Best regards,