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ICorazza - 5LSCA - Normal People pt.2
by ICorazza - (2019-09-24)
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Right from my reading experience what kept the attention of the reader is the narrative choices used by the writer which consists in telling and showing therefore the reader is able to get in touch with a balanced narrative style

In addition the change of the point of view drags the reader into the characters mind and therefore involves him in the story told. It involves the two main characters and it starts in media res.

The idea of been involved into a realistic world is well organised by the writer.

There is a third person narrator who sees the world through the characters’ eyes and it allows the reader to enter the novel without being totally conditioned by the narrator's filter.

As a results of such narrative choices the reader seems to be free to make personal judgements about the two characters who are presented with a mixture of telling and showing but in the incipit showing prevails over telling and the effects is a real sense of freedom on the part of the reader.

The use of showing allows the reader to understand the two protagonists through thei realistic conversation that adopts an informal register.

Characters come to life trough their names, their dressing style, their everyday routine, their profession, the reputation, their social backgrounds, their level of autonomy and last but not least from the way they interact which also reveals their more intimate feelings, their use of language as well as the content of their conversation sets them immediately in their more familiar environment: they are student teenagers belonging to an Irish environment with the personal reaction towards home and school content.