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Jack Good Characterisation - MPauluzzi e MZanutta
by MZanutta - (2019-11-13)
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The intelligent reader immediately realise that the narrator’s intention is to characterise Jack Good as a pretext to discuss some of the hottest issues of contemporary society and victor’s avantgard vision of the future and the virtues of Artifical Intelligence.

Particulary affective is the strategy J.Winterson chooses to exploit a 1st person narrator who is also victor’s interlocutor. And, indeed, all that the reader comes across in the apport to make a personal idea about the character aspect of analysis is the result of victor’s selling Ry about an outstending researcher. It follows that Ry becames the activator of all the content of the ex hact and what’s more she /he is also really intrigued with the items discussed the characterisation relies an I.Jacob Gudak altruise background, his eminent personality and exceptional scientific skills that gave him the chance of a halanship despire his being a Jew , an embarassing feature in the European political countext of that time. In selling Rye about Jacob victor underlines Jacob’s decision to chance his name into one that did not remind his Jewish origin in a few words and indirect way victor him to at the idea Jacob was compelled ti find a compromise with his edentity of course; all this indirectly implies a judgement on the situation of the undespread discriminality policies of Fascist and Nazism of the true. The nord “ scapegoat” syntetises Jacob’s unfortunate destiny: he turns aut to be the social victim of a world that…….. exclusion. Victor’s biography about Jacob is interupted by Ry’s osservation that Victor is a jew too. Victor is surely empatising with Jacob’s life and exstence and he reass… his total refection of any kind of social , personal or worse political form of …...He comments they make him “IMPATENT” …. once and afraid that he feels the need to “move forward”, , it goes without saying that Victor’s stance is meant to be a re-affermation of Jacob’s ideas that .. true afriad to true for front. Victor wants to put an end to all exclusion and form of divide. He also invites Ry to express her opinion on the matter and almost IRONICALLY addresses him with an answer that turns out of particular relevance “an end to the ...”. The language used by the doctor moves the … reflects on the HUMAN aspect and it possible future deteriorments if any.

Victor sound particullary annoied about Ry’s response. Indeed, almost reflecting Ry’s words he comments “An hand to HUMAN STUPIDITY”.

Jacob’s values and ethical staces come to surface again Victor’s answers and reactions. To tell the truth the Postmodern researcher refers to a move from the Polish Jew where he … that “all ultraintelligent … lead to the extruction of .. and Ry immediatly discusses the global future reduments herself remaning Victor.

He reacts … on the meaning of the word “extriction”, of course he refers to his research on A.I., according to which if the human mind … do a non-physical plastform them one could say a Biological ex criticism may be exfected the researcher does not appreciate any form of allarmism and of course does not suffer Ry’s fears. Her comment “don’t be so tabloid” immediately gives the reader a receipe feice throw of … Ry’s skeptical attitude. He thinks according to what he calls “Accelerated evolution”.

His reache may create sort of a … and that’s why he julls Ry Awards himself and kissed her. It can be means to lover tonsion. But the doctor immediatly understand the real meaning of his kiss. Indeed she says “like i am a female or a semale girl who can’t manage ABSTRACT THINKING and meets to stroke the car abstract thinking is the abstract thinking is the … Research and the possibility to look at nature and reality only new eyes. Victor want to go on telling his story and does even take care of Rey’s constetations. He quotes all the marketing experience. Jacob Good’s fictional CV is deliberatelly refered do and reference i salso made to J. Good’s decision to more from the UK to the USA belive he trought his studies and personal stances could be better received. Victor ……………. ……. J. Good could his work on MACHINE INTELLIGENCE. But Rey’s curiosity again makes the story go on since Victor Jacob mored to America.

So it is again Rey’s questions that allow Jacob’s story to be told. It follows that the doctor’s curiosity the undirect judgement about the character could not some to life. Victor how the reason for Jacob’s departure was the Polish machine of the way Alain T was by the British Establishment wich , of course, he could trust.

Jacob’s sexsual is . Victor feels to Jacob too- a homosexsual.

Alan Touring’s destiny my Jacob’s reflection about people’s freedom and freedom of choise and of his existential stances. Jacob refuses the idea that homosexsuality could be considered a , he could stend the intollerance of director . Six million were murder together homosexsuals. Could not be by Jacob that now turns and to be an open- , a better natural discrimination and divide. He British and the State as a possible way out , an open door to his professional development which was reference of human Nature . He was convinced the American would be the new OPEN DOOR to computing. About what he called an INTELLIGENCE EXPLOSION as THE LAST INVENTION.

Last” that there will be no more in the English language that mom’s . Like Victor he vision that brought for RE-VISION, a questioning inside a complex reality that day after day displays into multi- JACOB and Victor seen to be for the possible effects of an ULTRA INTELLIGENT MACHINE challenge mom’s intelligence that would “be left “

J. Winterson has successfully Jacob’s character to Victor’s and , able to and ready to face and possible difficultes. No was to Jacob and his staff as his activites in the of his 2001: A Sface .

Victor togheter Jacob the explores of new horizons, new adventures, the ones able to go the know to re-invent the QUALITY and DEFINITION of what many be coinceved of a THE HUMAN.

To call them in a Greek language were to hell even in Dante’s Divina Commedia for the some , Victor and Jacob are and were ready to commit . is in Hell because he dored , overcame Gibraltar “ Le Colonne d’Ercole”.

Jacob is a minor for Victor’s exploration of the self and the developmentof intelligence .

In conclusion the of in the present give voice to J. Winterson’s urgent necessity to going into the of Postmodern trought :characters and multicultural , multilingual, , no divide, exclusion or admitted. Jacob is the other of Victor’s and mental face and Rey is the allowing to her