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ACalabro - Exercise 26/09/2019 - Pronomi personali complemento + aggettivi e pronomi possessivi
by ACalabro - (2019-09-25)
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ACalabro – Pronomi soggetto complemento + possessivi

Pag.23  Aggettivi e pronomi possessivi


1. That’s Daria’s dog. Its name is Holly.

2. It’s our gran’s 90th birthday soon.

3. Pat and Scott are with their son.

 4. Where is your girlfriend, Robert?

 5. Marta, Emily, when is your class test?

 6. Look at my new scooter. I love it!

 7.  She has a loto f books in her house.

 8.Tim has got two cars in his grarage.


  1. Melanie is a famous painter. Her style is well-know al lover the world.

 2. His dream is to be a dancer. I tell him to practise every day.

 3. Luca’s mother is a massage therapist. Her clients feel better after a massage.

 4. Mark and Pete are brothers. They have a pet dog. Its company makes them very happy.

 5.  Mario works in the fashion industry. His job is creative. He designs bridal gowns.

 6. The library is very old and its rooms are decorated with valuable frescos.


1. Hi Will, my assignmnetis due Tomorrow. When is yours? I can’t remember.

2. Jake’s flati s on the the first floor and Ron’s is just upstairs. His is on the second floor.

3. A. Do you like my new car? It’s bright blue.  B. Not really! Iprefer Mandy’s. Hers is pearl grey.

4. Mattia’s relations live in Italy and a pastime of hers is going to the countryside at weekends.

5. A. Hey, you two! Is the bag yours?  B. No, it isn’t  ours.

6. I’m sorry that seat isn’t free. It’s mine. Look, here’s my ticket.



es. 21

1. My book is on the desk, next to the printer. Can you see its?

2. Its is your right to speak about your feelings.

3. Our new house is on the lake. Its rooms are very big.

4. Her broche lives in Manchester. He i san engineer.

5. Sil, is this sweater yours? It looks so big!

6. Giove your friends a blande, please. Their are cold.

7. Their dream is to move to a remote island. They are working hard for this dream.

8. Turn air conditioning on, please. It is very hot.




1. This isn’t my car. Mine is black.

2. They are their teachers. They aren’t ours.

3. He isn’t James’s brother. He isn’t mine.

4. These aren’t our rooms. These are thiers.

5. It isnt’ Clara’s schoolbag. It is yours.

6. That is my friend Jamie and his sister Carole.


1. My phone number is really easy.

2. Your school is big, ours is really small.

3. Our wifi is fast, yours is slow.

4. Their new restauranti s beautiful and their customers are really pleased.

5. It isn’t fair! In my room there are two chairs, in yours there is a comfortable sofa.

6. This isn’t Charlotte’s umbrella, but it’s mine.

7. A. Gabriel, where is my clock?  B. It’s near your tablet.

8. A. è questa Victoria’s bag? Yes, it is, but this isn’t her purse.


pag.28  pronomi personali complemento

es. 1

1. Can you give it us, please?

2. Leave me alone!

3. Give them to him!

4. Please buy it for us!


pag.29  pronomi personali complemento

es. 2

1. That’s Ellie’s cousin, Hetty. She looks just like her.

2. A. Where are our boarding cards?  B. He’s got them.

3. A. That’s a great phone.  B. Thanks, he gave it to me.

4. They are coming to the resaturants with Ken.

5. We really like our tennis intrusctors. We get on very well with them.

6. He is a superb actor. Can I ask him to teach me?

7. A. Has Emily got her tablet with her?  B. No, she left it at home today.

8. Helen and I fly from Stansted earlyin the morning. Can you come to collect us?

es. 3

1. Mum, help me with my  science project!

2. He’s my favourite singer. I love him.

3. My big brother plays basketball really well! I love watching him.

4. Where’s mymobile phone? I can’t find it.

5. Toby,the line is dreadful! I can’t hear you. Speaker louder!

       6. They can’t take the children with them to that restaurant.

7. Our Maths teacheralways gives us loads of homework on Saturdays.

8. Ludovica, be nice to my cat Lilli. I’m very fond of it.



es. 4

Leo, Henry and Nick are school friends. They hang out with three girls during breaks at school: Elena, Rachel and Annie. Leo likes Elena but she doesn’t like him. She likes Henry but he doesn’t like her.Henry is best mates with Leo and Nick.                                                                                                                                                         He plays football  with them all at weekends. Nick is friends with everybody and gets on with all of them. The girls don’t! Elena doesn’t get on with Rachel much but Annie gets on well with her. Annie is really friendly and sociable. She gets on with all the girls.

es. 5

1. A. The weather is really awful!  B. Yes, it is really cold today.

2. A. Raquel can speak Spanish fluenty.  B. I know. Her mother’s Spanish.

3. A. Is Mr Ball here today?  B. Yes, that’s  him over there.

4. A. My mobile phone is flat.  B. No worries, use mine! I’m not using it.

5. We enjoy our German classes but the grammar is quite hard for us.

6. I can’t online after dinner. My parents don’t want to.

7. A. Let’s have pizza and watch a DVD!  B. Great idea! Come to our house!

8. Can you give me a lift to school today? It’s raining hard.

9. He is late and we must go home. My mum is waiting for us.

10. A. Who is the girl with Betty?  B. She is her cousin.

11. A. Who wants to play with my tablet?  B. Me!

12. My neighbours like playing cards in their garden.