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TStabile - Exercise pag. 395
by TStabile - (2019-09-26)
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Tecla Stabile


1. Micheal never drinks beer.

Beer isn’t drank by Micheal.

2. We have just booked our summer holidays.

Summer holidays were booked by us.

3. Rachel sent some texts two days ago.

Two days ago some texts were sent by Rachel.

4. When I arrived, he had already broken the mirror.

When I arrived, the mirror had been broke by him.

5. Farmers grow vegetables.

Vegetables are grew by farmers.

6. Don’t worry, I’ll call him straight away!

Don’t worry, him will be called by me straight away!

7. Somebody  has just seen a ghost in the castel.

A ghost had been seen in the castel by somebody.

8. Shakespeare wrote more than 30 plays.

More than 30 plays were wrote by Shakespeare.


1. are also used

2. aren’t produced

3. is did

4. are placed

5. are then immersed

6. are then washed

7. is dissolved

8. are needed

9.are required blended

11. is mixed

12. is aged


1. We got there late and the birthday cake had already been served

2. Is there anybody here who knows when the Towers of London was built?

3. Some of these paintings have been lended by a private collector

4. If it stops snowing tomorrow, the roads will be cleaned!

5. The ticket that won the first prize in the lottery was bought last week near Rome.

6. Yesterday the alarm of a car that had been parked  near ours rang for more than two hours.


1. The car isn’t washed by David every Saturday.

Is the car washed by David every Saturday?

2. The film hasn’t been seen by lots of teenagers.

Has the film been seen by lots of teenagers?

3. The children weren’t helped by an elderly lady.

Were the children helped by an elderly lady?

4. That bridge hadn’t been built just the year before.

Had that bridge been built just the year before?

5. A ghost hasn’t been seen here.

Has a ghost been seen here?

6. The meeting won’t be put off.

Will the meeting be put off?