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ENicola - FOCUS NOW 2 Activities pp. 26
by ENicola - (2019-12-12)
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Pag. 26 es. 1
What qualities do you admire in a person? Match the personality adjectives with the definition. Then place the adjectives in order of importance according to you.
I admire a person when he/she is: self-confident, patient and honest with other people.
1. having an ability to think of new and interesting ideas, having imagination: imaginative
2. a person who is sure of himself/herself: self-confident
3. able to remain calm when dealing with difficult problems or people: patient
4. good and truthful, not lying, stealing or cheating: honest
5. not too proud and confident about yourself or your abilities: modest
6. showing good sence and deep understanding: wise

• self-confident
• honest
• persevering
• patient
• modest
• wise
• imaginative

Pag. 26 es. 2
Now read and listen to the poem. Underline the phrases that refer to the personality adjectives in Exercise 1.
1. If you can wait and not be tired by waiting: patient
2. If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you: sel-confident
3. And lose, and starting again at your beginnins: persevering
4. Don’t deal with lies: honest
5. If you can dream: imaginative
6. If you can think: wise

Pag. 26 es. 3
Match the words and expressions in the box with the corresponding definitions. Then find them in the text.
1. consider someone responsible for a mistake – blame
2. be self-confident – trust oneself
3. say something untrue – lie
4. surrender – give way
5. resist – hold on
6. tolerate – bear
7. face – meet