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by AMagi - (2019-12-18)
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A bad meeting

Last Saturday was my best friend birthday and he had a party in the center of Cervignano.

The party started very well and we had good time. At half past eight a guy came at the party.

His name was Tommaso, he was older than us and he was wearing a extra large t-shirt with some broken pants.

My best friend said to me that Tommaso was famous because he is dishonest with school tests, in fact he has been rejected two times.

He was also  popular for his arrogance because he want to fight with everybody. Once I was walking with my cousin in Cervignano and Tommaso for no reason punched in the face my cousin.

I don’t was scary from him so I enjoyed the party with my friend.

At twenty to eleven we started to dance . While I was dancing Tommaso came to me and he asked me if I have any endicapp because I wasn’t dancing good, then he said that he is better than me dancing so he is a selfish person too.

I didn’t reply because I known that he was a stupid person and I continued to dance.

Finally at the final part of the party we lit up some candles for the cake and in that moment Tommaso burned himself with the lighter so he is also an irresponsible boy.

Exercises page 431

1did they?

2won’t they

3aren’t they

4isn’t he

5doesn’t she

6aren’t they

7has  he

8weren’t they

9wouldn’t she

10am not


1isn’t she

2shouldn’t you

3did she

4have they

5does he

6shouldn’t they

7do they

8have you


1isn’t it

2aren’t they

3couldn’t they

4haven’t they

5do they

6haven’t you

7aren’t they

8would they