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SB - esercizi pag 32 (focus 2) - Esrcizi pag 413 (grammatica) - esercizio 9 pag 415 (grammatica) - dialogo con un amico su una p
by SBosich - (2019-12-18)
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Es 1 Pag 32






I know that it was a mission to get to the moon and that it failed. It was organized to the NASA and the three astronauts  took part in this mission returned home save.

Es 2 pag 32

  1. The Apollo 13 were flying to the moon
  2. It didn’t get there because there was a problem with the spacecraft
  3. All the most experienced astronauts, including Armstrong and Buzz, and the Nasa Engineers helped the astronauts
  4. The astronauts spent into the space 7 days

Es 3 pag 32







Es 4 pag 32

Small door-hatch

Thought-came up

Understand-figure out

Working- on duty

Not be worried any more-breathe a sign of relief

Shout happily-cheer

Doing/taking part in-carrying out

Es 5 pag 32

  1. Figured out
  2. Running out
  3. Carried out
  4. Hatch
  5. On duty
  6. Cheered
  7. Breathed a sign of relief
  8. Came up

Pag 32 es 6

For me the space explorations are very important for the mankind, it’s true that we have to solve a lot of problems on earth but is also very important advance science and knowledge, in my opinion money spend on exploration is well spent. For me is also true that the earth population is growing, so we will to live on another planet on day and that we need space exploration to answer the big questions: are we alone? Are there other forms of life out there?

Word store 2E

  1. Find a solution
  2. Fix a problem
  3. Follow events
  4. Ber home
  5. Go crazy
  6. Raise you hand

Esercizi della grammatica

Pag 413 es 1

  1. Tell
  2. Said
  3. Told
  4. Telling
  5. Said
  6. Say      said
  7. Says
  8. Have just told

Pag 413 es 2

  1. Tell
  2. Said
  3. Have just told
  4. Said
  5. Told
  6. Say
  7. Always tell
  8. Told

Pag 413 es 3

  1. Say
  2. Said
  3. Saying
  4. Told
  5. Seat belt
  6. Told
  7. Handbrake
  8. Steering wheel
  9. First gear
  10. Did he say
  11. Didn’t say
  12. Told
  13. Clutch
  14. Windscreen
  15. Said
  16. Always tells
  17. Rear view mirror
  18. Don’t tell
  19. Ring road
  20. Driving school

Seat belt  cintura di sicurezza

First gear  prima marcia

Ring road  tangenziale

Rear view mirror  specchietto retrovisore

Handbrake  freno a mano

Steering wheel  volante

Clutch  frizione

Windscreen  parabrezza

Es 9 pag 415

  1. ‘’I’m late. Can you carry me in my office’’? she says to us
  2. Joan said that he didn’t like the film about Julius Cesar because it was very imprecise about historical facts
  3. Michela has been talked  on the phone for hours with his boyfriend. He was telling her that their story couldn’t continue and she instead told him that she couldn’t live without him
  4. I haven’t never understood what my father-in-low say because because he speak in a dialect that I don’t know
  5. A I’m doing my Chinese exam next month Do you think uncle Luke can help me?

B Absolutely, He speak very good Chinese and in this period, he isn’t working

  1. A Can you tell me the exact time please?

B I’m sorry but my watch doesn’t work

  1. A excuse me, Can I speak with the dean?

B today he isn’t here. What do you have to say to him?

  1. A why were you talking about me when I entered in the class?
  2. B You are wrong, weren’t talking about you


A:Is Matteo very arrogant for you too?

B: yes, he is. He think he is the best in anything but he isn’t

A: Mrs Rossi put him near me in the class yesterday and he is unbearable, he is always in a bed mood and unkind, today at school I asked him a pen because the my didn’t work but he didn’t want to lend me a pen even if he had a pencil case with a lot of pen.

B: I’m very felt with you, you are very  bad lucky to stay near him in the class

A: I don’t know how to do, I can’t bear him for a year, why did he come in our school? Why?

B: I don’t know, whether also in his old school he weren’t welcome. Now I have to go, bye

A: Bye bye, see you tomorrow