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Frasi ipotetiche 2
by TStabile - (2019-12-19)
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Tecla Stabile

Frasi ipotetiche

Primo tipo

1)      If I study more I will get a good mark.

2)      If she learns how to play the piano she will has a concert.

3)      If we give you a chocolate box you will eat it.

4)      If they are late I will wait.

5)      If the coach calls me he will talk with me

Secondo tipo

1)      If he listened more I wouldn’t do this mistake.

2)      If they ate less I would become skinny

3)      If we didn't waste our time we would go to the cinema

4)      If I learnt English I would live in the UK

5)      If she wore heels she would be tall more than her mother.

Terzo tipo

1)      If I had worn pants instead of a skirt I wouldn’t have had the fever.

2)      If we had seen the light we wouldn’t have missed the road.

3)      If we had made a cake we wouldn’t have taken it at the party.

4)      If she hadn’t fought with her boyfriend they would have stayed together at Christmas.

5)      If they had decorated their room it would have was more atmosphere.