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ENicola - Grammar in Progress Activities pp. 413; 415 (9)
by ENicola - (2019-12-22)
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Pag. 413 es. 1
Sottolinea l’alternativa corretta.
1. Excuse me, could you tell me the time?
2. “Kelly!!! Stop shouting!!!”, mum said to me.
3. Laurie told her sister she would get married to Rob as soon as possible.
4. Morgana is very good at saying people’s fotunes.
5. “Let’s have an ice-cream now!”, Oliver told us.
6. “Don’t say yes if you aren’t convinced!” my husband said.
7. A The new pub will be a great success! B Who says so?
8. We have just told them that they have to make less noise during the day.

Pag. 413 es. 2
Completa le frasi inserendo say o tell coniugati correttamente.
1. Come on, tell me something about your holiday!
2. Do you know where Florence is? She said she would get home earlier but she’s not here.
3. Mum, I have just told Timothy to hurry up but he is still having a shower!
4. Sarah went to the doctor yesterday. He said that she should rest for about 20 days.
5. If you see India, she tells you everything about her new job.
6. Why are you standing there without said a single word? What’s happened?
7. Every time I ask my husband to help me, he tells me he can’t!
8. Anya wanted to forget what we said some days before.

Pag. 413 es. 3
Esme ha appena fatto la sua prima lezione di guida, ma non è andata molto bene. Completa il dialogo con say o tell coniugati correttamente e le seguenti parole. Trova poi tutte le espressioni collegate all’area lessicale delle auto e della guida e traducile.
MUM: So, Esme tell me something about your first driving lesson ... Did you enjoy it?
ESME: Don’t say anything else, Mum... It was a total disaster... the instructor says that he doesn’t want to see me again!!!
MUM: What did you do to make him to tell that? I know him well and he’s a very sweet man...
ESME: Well, he told me to fasten the clutch but I pulled it so hard that I broke it... and then he told me to release the handbrake but it was very hard and I had to use both hands... and as I’ve only got two hands I couldn’t keep them on the steering wheel! And the car was in first gear, so the car began to move forward...
MUM: And what he says to you? Did he get angry?
ESME: He doesn’t say anything... he was astonished... but the worst still had to come... He tells me to press gently down on the clutch... but I was under so much pressure that I put my left foot on the brake... and I made him bang his head on the windscreen!!!
MUM: Oh dear... Now I understand why he says that he doesn’t want to see you again...
ESME: That’s not all... He always told me to look in the rear view mirror... and I did it, but to do so, I didn’t look at the road and...
MUM: Don’t tell me you have had an accident!
ESME: No, no, but we were driving along the ring road and I missed three exits, so we got back to the driving school an hour late!

Pag. 413 es. 4
Lavorate a coppie. Immaginate di aver appena fatto la vostra prima lezione di guida e di parlarne con un vostro amico. Scrivete il dialogo e preparatevi poi a recitarlo davanti alla classe.
A: So, tell me something about your first driving lesson... Did you enjoy it?
B: Don’t say anything else... It was a total disaster...I did some horrible mistakes!
A: Oh my god! What did you do?
B: Well, when we started I didn’t change the gear, when he told me to turn, I went straight ahead. Then I switched to red, because I didn’t realize it and when I had to park I crashed into a car. The instructor was very angry with me!!!
A: I don’t believe it! What did you think at the moment?
B: I wanted to die...I made a bad impression.
A: I know, but you will see that the next time it will be better.
B: I hope so!

Pag. 415 es. 9
Traduci le seguenti frasi.
1. “I’m late. Can you come to pick up me in my office?” she told us.
2. Joan said that she hadn’t liked the film on Julius Caesar because it was very imprecise on historical facts.
3. Michela had been talking on the phone for hours with her boyfriend. He was telling her that their story couldn’t continue and instead she told him she couldn’t live without him.
4. I never understand what my father in law says because he speaks a dialect I don’t know!
5. A I have the Chinese’s exam the next mounth. Do you think uncle Luke could help me? B Yes! He speaks Chinese very well and he doesn’t work in this period.
6. A Can you tell me the correct hour? B I’m sorry, my watch doesn’t work.
7. A Could I speak to the director? B He isn’t here today. What do you have to tell him?
8. A Why were you talking about me when I came in the class? B You’re wrong, we weren’t talking about you!